Clean Water Pledge

Clean Water Pledge

What is the Clean Water Pledge?
The Clean Water Pledge is a promise to incorporate four simple habits into daily life – habits which help keep Morro Bay clean for people and wildlife.

Help keep the Morro Bay estuary clean…it’s easy to be part of the solution.

I pledge to do my part for clean water. I will:

  • Pick up after your pet – keep waste out of the bay
  • Keep trash in the can – prevent harm to people and wildlife
  • Watch your drains – dispose of household chemicals & medicine appropriately & remember that stormdrains flow directly to the Estuary – only rain down these drains!
  • Turn off the tap – conserve water whenever possible (shorten showers, turn off the tap brushing teeth, run full loads of laundry.


What else can you think of to conserve water and protect the Bay?

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Morro Bay National Estuary Program brings together citizens, local governments, non-profits, agencies, and landowners to protect and restore the Morro Bay estuary.

Protecting and Restoring the Morro Bay Estuary.