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About the Morro Bay National Estuary Program (PDF)

Annual Reports


Annual Report Thumbnail 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Annual Report Thumbnail 2015 Annual Report (PDF)

annual Report thumbnail  2014 MBNEP Annual Report (PDF)

   2013 MBNEP Annual Report (PDF)

2012 annual report  2012 MBNEP Annual Report (PDF)

2011 annual report   2011 MBNEP Annual_Report (PDF)

Clean Boating Information

Understanding Boats on the Bay for Web  Understanding and Maintaining the Y-Valve on your Marine Head (PDF)

Waste Collection in Morro Bay Map for Web  Waste Disposal and Pumpout Locations in Morro Bay (PDF)

Ten Tips for Clean Boating Web  Ten Tips for Clean Boating (PDF)

Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

ccmpfaq   Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) FAQs (PDF)

CCMP Snapshot   Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) Snapshot 2012 Update (PDF)

CCMP final 2013   Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) 2012 Update (PDF)

Data and Technical Reports

Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Bay Health Thumbnail  Bay Water Quality Update

Creek Health thumbnial  Creek Water Quality Update

Thumb data summary 2015 Data Summary Report

Sediment report thumbnail2015 Sediment Monitoring Report

Stormwater Monitoring Report 2015  2015 Stormwater Monitoring Report

Data Summary Report 2014   2014 Data Summary Report

Sediment monitoring 2014  2014 Sediment Monitoring Report

Stormwater Monitoring 2014  2014 Stormwater Monitoring Report

Morro Bay Eelgrass Report 2013   2013 Eelgrass Monitoring Report

2009 Stormwater monitoring report   2009 Stormwater Monitoring Report (PDF)

2013 Stormwater Monitoring report   2013 Stormwater Monitoring Report (PDF)

2013 Sediment Monitoring Report   2012-2013 Sediment Report (PDF)

2012 Data summary report   2012 Data Summary Report (PDF)

2011 Sediment Report   2011 Sediment Report (PDF)

2011 Data Summary Report   2011 Data Summary Report (PDF)

Morro Bay Knowledge Base

MBKB_icon  Click here to visit the Morro Bay Knowledge Base

The Morro Bay Knowledge Base is a library of local and regional information needed for science-based watershed management.

Resident Guides

Bayside Guide   Bayside Guide (PDF)

LID guide   LID Guide (PDF)

Graywater   Graywater (PDF)

State of the Bay Reports

2017 State of the Bay   2017 MB State of the Bay (PDF)

2014 State of the Bay   2014 MB State of the Bay (PDF)

Tidings 2010   Tidings 2010 (PDF)

Tidings 2006   Tidings 2006 (PDF)

Visitor Guides

Common Birds of Estero Bay   Morro Bay Area Bird Guide (PDF)

MBNEP Map   MBNEP Map 2014 (PDF)

Historical Walking Map   Historical Walking Tour (PDF)

Flora   Flora of Estero Bay (PDF)

Atlas of Sensitive Species   Atlas Sensitive Species of Morro Bay Area (PDF)


Youtube   MBNEP YouTube Channel

Morro Bay National Estuary Program brings together citizens, local governments, non-profits, agencies, and landowners to protect and restore the Morro Bay estuary.

Protecting and Restoring the Morro Bay Estuary.