Here, you’ll find the documents that guide our work, reports about our impact, summaries of data we’ve collected, descriptions of restoration projects, information about local wildlife, and more.

Our Mission, Work, and Accomplishments

Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

Our Impact Reports

State of the Bay Reports


How to Help the Estuary and Watershed

Clean Boating

Bay-Friendly Living


Local Wildlife and Natural Attractions

Flora and Fauna

Visitor Guides


Data and Technical Reports

Climate Vulnerability Reports

Eelgrass Monitoring Reports

Estuary and Watershed Health Reports

Invasive Species Management

Macroinvertebrate Data Summary Memos

Sediment Monitoring Reports

Stormwater Monitoring Reports

Data Summary Reports



Morro Bay National Estuary Program YouTube Channel

Morro Bay Knowledge Base

The Morro Bay Knowledge Base is a library of local and regional information needed for science-based watershed management. (Under construction. Please use the Contact Form to request a document or details.)


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Morro Bay National Estuary Program brings together citizens, local governments, non-profits, agencies, and landowners to protect and restore the Morro Bay estuary.

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Protecting and Restoring the Morro Bay Estuary.