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Clean Water Pledge


Check out the games, puzzles, and challenges below and explore our estuary through science!




Become a steelhead trout, race past obstacles, and jump to reach tasty bugs in Upstream Rush!

In this video game, you are a steelhead trout making the journey upstream toward freshwater pools after your time in the salty bay. Along the way, you must do your best to avoid birds trying to make you a snack, fishermen hoping to catch you, seals looking to make you into dinner, and more. Earn points by finding places to hide in the eelgrass or rocks while searching for bugs to eat to keep up your energy. It’s all about how aware and sneaky you can be as this game takes you through the wilds of the estuary and creeks in an Upstream Rush. 

This game was developed, designed, and created as a project of the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo’s Capstone Computer Engineering Program in 2017.




Be a bay-friendly superhero!

Our Morro Bay estuary needs YOU to guard its natural treasures. Head outside to see the estuary with your kids and complete the challenges on the Bay-Friendly Superhero Activity Page (print at home or pick up a copy in our Estuary Nature Center). Find out how your family can protect the estuary and be superheroes for the bay.

 (Answer Key) Bay-Friendly Superhero Activity Page




Explore the California coast.

Use your smart phone or tablet to explore our beautiful coastline in ways you haven’t before. When you visit a town on the California shoreline, the Explore the Coast app can help you and your family have a great time. Find ways to play while getting to know the history, culture, and environment of the coast. It includes tons of tips and recommendations as well as maps, lists, and games to explore in the app and on your travels.

 Created by the California Coastal Conservancy with input from the Estuary Program and other organizations.




Do you part, and take the pledge.

The Clean Water Pledge is a promise to always keep four simple habits in your daily life – habits that help keep Morro Bay clean for people and wildlife.

I will do my part for clean water. I pledge to:

  • Pick up after my pet to help keep waste out of the bay.
  • Keep trash in the can to prevent harm to people and wildlife.
  • Watch what goes down my drains and dispose of household chemicals and medicine appropriately. (Remember that storm drains flow directly to the estuary—only rain down the drains!)
  • Turn off my tap as soon as I am done to conserve water whenever possible. I can shorten my showers, turn off the tap while I am brushing my teeth, and run full loads of laundry.


What else can you think of to conserve water and protect the bay? Tell us your ideas!


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