Our Team

Estuary Program Staff

Melodie Grubbs

Executive Director

Assistant Director Ann Kitajima

Ann Kitajima

Assistant Director

Chrystina Kelly Newton

Finance & Operations Administrator

Carolyn Geraghty

Restoration Program Manager

Jenn at the field chemistry lab for studying the effects of climate change on tidepool ecosystem functioning at Otter Rock in Oregon for her master's research.

Jenn Fields

Restoration Coordinator


Kendra Twist

Monitoring Technician


Natalie Trane

Environmental Planning Intern

Makenzie OConnor

Makenzie O'Connor

Monitoring Projects Manager


Nick Soares

Monitoring Coordinator II

MBNEP Website

Allie Mortensen

Monitoring Technician

Sabrina Staff Photo

Sabrina Chase

Community Engagement & Education Intern

Riley Hine, Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Riley Hine

Community Engagement Projects Manager

Forest Lurz Staff Picture

Forest Lurz

Education & Outreach Coordinator


Alicia Van Fleet

Administrative Assistant