May 20, 2016

Photograph Friday: Four Views from the Morro Bay Watershed



Morro Bay  is a beautiful place and a valuable resource. This week, we want to share four photographs with you—all of them taken within the month. Each picture shows a different view from the watershed.

Please enjoy these photographs, and feel free to send us your own images of this beautiful place. We’d love to feature them in a future blog post or on our website.

Have you looked at the estuary’s channels from above? This is the view from one of the trails in the upper reaches of Morro Bay State Park, off South Bay Boulevard. The water shines in the evening light.



A hilly view of the Walters Creek subwatershed.



Soft clouds float above golden grass with a hint of green. This view is from the Pennington Creek subwatershed.


A multi-textured landscape. This photograph was captured in the Chumash Creek subwatershed.


So many different views. So many ways to help protect and preserve Morro Bay for future generations.

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