Our hills have turned nice and green.

Creeks to Coast Cleanup helps Morro Bay and Beyond

A plastic sand toy left on rocks at the beach.

Community Scientists Make a Difference for Morro Bay

This photograph shows a collection of tiny trash pieces. They may be small, but removing them from the environment can have a big positive impact.

International Coastal Cleanup Day Gets Social-Distancing Friendly

Creeks to Coast Cleanup Success in Morro Bay

Earth Day in Morro Bay 2019: Biodiversity and Blue Carbon

A fun family competition lead to this group of dedicated volunteers picking up 664 cigarette butts. Wow!

Coastal Cleanup Day Volunteers

This group of smiling volunteers from Camp Rock participated in the Pick Up the Picnic Campaign last year, and made a big difference for Morro Bay. Thank you!

Independence Day and July 5th Cleanups in Morro Bay

From Seas to Trees, Plastic Pollution Takes a Toll

We used the Trash Tracker for the first time at our inaugural Pickup and Paddle event in 2017. We're excited to continue using it this year!

Citizen Scientists Make a Difference for Morro Bay

Here is a picture of the whole wonderful cleanup crew for 2017.

Coastal Cleanup Day 2017