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Are There Microplastics in Our Estuary?

Morro Rock and a dense eelgrass bed at sunset

Field Updates November 2021: Eelgrass Monitoring Behind the Scenes

This student measures for pH

Day in the Life of a Marine Chemistry Research Student: Testing Ocean Chemistry in Morro Bay

Andi, eelgrass technician.

Field Updates, October 2019: Eelgrass Mapping, Ground-truthing, and Cal Poly Partnerships

Cuesta College dives in to help study eelgrass declines in Morro Bay

The illustration above shows hands holding sand on the left and clay on the right.

Factors that Affect Eelgrass Growth in Morro Bay #3: Sediment & Light Differences Part 1

Students pose with their finished prototype during the post-presentation reception.

Upward Bound Students Impress With Estuary Program Projects

We commonly spot this nudibranch, Hermissenda crassicornis, in depressions along the mudflat.

Field Updates July 2018: Reports, Mollusks in Eelgrass, and Fish in the Creeks

Pennington Creek waterfall closeup

2017 Accomplishments: Collaborating for a Healthy Pennington Creek

Collected seeds are held in mesh bags in the estuary until they mature. Mature seeds will have a hard, longitudinally ribbed coat and can vary in color, including olive, dark brown and black.

Field Updates September 2017: Pikeminnow and Eelgrass