July 2023 Field Updates: Bioassessment Season Highlights

Are There Microplastics in Our Estuary?

Makenzie, Monitoring Coordinator, takes data while monitoring eelgrass in Morro Bay.

Updates from the Field: Monitoring Eelgrass Expansion

A San Diego Dorid in eelgrass.

Field Updates January 2021: Wildlife, Rainfall, and Flow Monitoring

Paul Bump on Researching Acorn Worms in Morro Bay: The Unknown Lives of the Small and Squishy

Two members from the Watershed Stewards Program lay out eelgrass blades on a white board for counting and photographing.

Field updates April & May 2019: Monitoring Eelgrass and Creek Health

Photograph Friday: Morro Bay Beneath the Surface

This image from 1999 shows a large flock of Black Brant overhead. Brant are no longer coming to Morro Bay in these numbers.

Morro Bay’s Black Brant: Monitoring the Status of a Bay Icon

Director’s Desk Year-End Reflections 2017: Collaborating for Morro Bay

These are snail larvae in a sample taken from Morro Bay, illuminated in a microscope.

What are those snails in Morro Bay? Investigating the bubble snail boom