Are There Microplastics in Our Estuary?

Makenzie, Monitoring Coordinator, takes data while monitoring eelgrass in Morro Bay.

Updates from the Field: Monitoring Eelgrass Expansion

A San Diego Dorid in eelgrass.

Field Updates January 2021: Wildlife, Rainfall, and Flow Monitoring

Paul Bump on Researching Acorn Worms in Morro Bay: The Unknown Lives of the Small and Squishy

Two members from the Watershed Stewards Program lay out eelgrass blades on a white board for counting and photographing.

Field updates April & May 2019: Monitoring Eelgrass and Creek Health

Photograph Friday: Morro Bay Beneath the Surface

This image from 1999 shows a large flock of Black Brant overhead. Brant are no longer coming to Morro Bay in these numbers.

Morro Bay’s Black Brant: Monitoring the Status of a Bay Icon

Director’s Desk Year-End Reflections 2017: Collaborating for Morro Bay

These are snail larvae in a sample taken from Morro Bay, illuminated in a microscope.

What are those snails in Morro Bay? Investigating the bubble snail boom

Though all these seeds came from the same eelgrass bed on North Sandspit, there was lots of variation in size and color. You can see the ribs in the goat in some of the seeds.

Field Updates October 2017: Eelgrass Seed Planting