Mar 12, 2015

Morro Bay Mutt Mitts to the Rescue

The sun’s just coming up, and Spot’s already scratching at the door for a morning walk. You throw on your jacket, secure her leash, and you’re off. Spot trots and sniffs along happily, and then does her business right in the middle of your neighborhood park’s lawn.

You’re ready to head home for your morning cup, but first things first. You’ve got to scoop the poop. You reach into your pocket…and come up empty. You forgot to bring a bag! Now what?

Well, if you’re at one of over 20 locations in the Morro Bay watershed, you’re covered. You head over to a dispenser, grab a Mutt Mitt to do the job, and carry on with your day.

Mutt Mitts dispenser in Tidelands Park.
Mutt Mitts dispenser in Tidelands Park.

Mutt Mitts are biodegradable bags that protect you from your dog’s doo while you protect the bay from the bacteria contained in it. They are indispensable whether you’re walking your dog at Coleman Beach, City Park, or further upstream. This is because—no matter where your dog goes—the bacteria from dog waste that’s left on the ground can wash into storm drains and creeks, and end up in the estuary anyway.

Once it’s there, it raises the bacteria levels in the bay, making it less safe for people and animals to enjoy. Using a Mutt Mitt to pick up and throw out dog waste is a free and easy way to keep our water clean.

Boys and BB playing by the bay
Playing by the bay

You can learn more about how you and your dog can keep Morro Bay clean at our second annual DogFest: Dogs for Clean Water event. It takes place this Saturday at 10 a.m. in City Park. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun for dogs and their human families. You’ll watch agility dogs in action, see Morro Bay’s K9 unit strut its stuff, learn dog-training tips and more. Visit booths to talk with local businesses and organizations like Lemos, Good Dogma dog training, Poo Patrol, and Woods Humane society.

Best of all, there’s going to be a dog show at noon with prizes given for Best Dressed, Best Trick, and Best Dog and Owner Look-Alike. Don’t miss it!

DogFest 2015 Poster

The Morro Bay National Estuary Program has managed Morro Bay Mutt Mitts for the past seven years. It’s part of our commitment to protecting and restoring Morro Bay for people and animals alike. It wouldn’t be possible without our many Mutt Mitts program supporters, who are listed in the back of our 2014 annual report. In 2013 alone, their contributions helped to stock 265,800 bags in dispensers across the watershed.

If you’re interested in becoming a supporter, you can donate today on our Mutt Mitts page, or send a check made out to the Bay Foundation to 601 Embarcadero, Suite 11, Morro Bay, CA 93442. Any donation from $25 and up makes a big difference. It costs an average of $350 to stock one dispenser for a year.

Mutt Mitts dispenser by the bay
Mutt Mitts dispenser by the bay

Whether you decide to take the leap and donate or not, we hope you’ll use a Mutt Mitts the next time you take Spot for a walk.