Jul 05, 2019

Photograph Friday: Red, White, and Blue

As 4th of July comes and goes let us take a moment to be thankful for our country. Maybe, go on a hike, take a trail that you haven’t done before. Enjoy the lush black sage found on Black Hill and the white wings of an egret as it soars above the bay. Take a kayak out to enjoy the crisp, cool, calm water of the bay.

Red, White, and Blue of the Bay 

In today’s post, we are celebrating independence day with nature’s own red, white and blue!


Common Indian paint brush

This is an Indian paintbrush (Castilleja affinis) and even though it can photosynthesize to make food for itself it is parasitic! It grabs nutrients from near by plants through their roots.  

This little guy is a California red legged frog! Fun fact about them is that adult frogs are mostly active at night while juvenile frogs hang out during the day and night. *Lol* You can call them party animals! Ah, the youth. 



Anemone from Docks Below MBNEP Office

Through exploration, near our office, we found this cutie! We believe that it is a metridium senile or commonly known as a sea anemone. 

White egrets can be seen through out the bay strutting their long legs or soaring through the sky trying to find their next meal. 


Great blue heron  have a six foot wing span and are known for their grace and beauty.  A fun fact about these creatures they like to hunt alone, but nest in large groups called rookeries.

Last but not least, here is our lovely Chorro Delta which resides in our beautiful Morro Bay watershed. 

Go out there and explore the bay for yourself! Maybe, find some more red, white, and blue in the nature around you.

Happy Independence day!!!


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