Sep 02, 2019

Floodplain Restoration Project Sneak Peek in Photographs



Estuary Program staff and many of our partners, including the California Conservation Corps, the Watershed Stewards Program, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, have been hard at work on a large-scale floodplain restoration project in the Morro Bay watershed. This Labor Day, we are sharing a few photographs from the project site to celebrate the efforts of everyone involved in this project. From those with their boots on the ground to those involved in the land purchase, planning, and permitting processes, every single person who has worked on this longterm endeavor has contributed something essential.

Deer spotted near the project site.
This floodplain restoration project will benefit wildlife in the creeks and beyond, like these deer grazing near the project site.
Heavy machinery for regrading.
Crews have used heavy machinery like this to move earth and regrade the area to help floodwaters slow, spread, and sink back into the ground.
Willow stakes will be planted along this section of the creek channel to help stabilize its banks.
Estuary Program staff and Bay Foundation board members recently toured the project site.
Estuary Program staff and Bay Foundation board members recently toured the project site to see its transformation.

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