Sep 27, 2019

Creeks to Coast Cleanup Success in Morro Bay



No matter how far inland we live, we’re all connected to the ocean by water. Rain washes downhill and into stormdrains, creeks, and rivers before entering the sea. So, if we’re going to keep plastics, other harmful debris, and pollutants out of the estuary and ocean, we have to start inland.

That’s the idea behind the Creeks to Coast cleanup, a set of 49 cleanups organized by local nonprofit ECOSLO. This massive cleanup effort took place last weekend all across San Luis Obispo County on International Coastal Cleanup Day. During the course of three hours,  1,840 volunteers picked up 12,411 pounds of trash and recycling, making sure it wouldn’t end up in the bay or the ocean.

The Estuary Program captained two cleanup sites, one on the Morro Bay sandspit and one on the Embarcadero at Centennial Parkway, near the giant chessboard. We had wonderful volunteers, as always, and picked up more than 100 pounds of trash, including 1,287 cigarette butts. Yuck!

We are very grateful to the volunteers who helped out at sites in Morro Bay, across San Luis Obispo County, and well beyond. Together, we make a huge difference for the ocean, which helps us all.

Here are some photographs of our volunteers in action.

Morro Bay sandspit cleanup

Sandspit cleanup site co-captain, Mark, gets ready to welcome everyone to the cleanup. Photograph courtesy of Michael “Mike” L. Baird,
Captain Stew's Bay Cruise
Many thanks to Captain Stew for donating a ride to and from the sandspit for our volunteers. We really couldn’t have done it without you! Photograph courtesy of Michael “Mike” L. Baird,
Volunteers enjoy the boat ride on their way to the sandspit. Photograph courtesy of Michael “Mike” L. Baird,
Many volunteers brought their own reusable bags, gloves, and water bottles to make the day truly waste-free. Photograph courtesy of Michael “Mike” L. Baird,
This crew picked up 72 pounds of trash. Way to go, volunteers! Photograph courtesy of Michael “Mike” L. Baird,

 Morro Bay Embarcadero at Centennial Parkway, by the Giant Chessboard

Family and friends who clean up the coast together, stay and snack together. Thank you!

Thank you, McKenna and Anders, for helping clean up the Embarcadero!

On guard, marine debris; we’re coming for you! Thank you, Simon and Tamara, for helping clean up the Embarcadero. 

We’ll hope to see you at the next coastal cleanup!


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