Carolyn does a test planting using bamboo garden stakes as an anchor and twine to mimic eelgrass.

Field Updates February 2017

This horn shark hid in the eelgrass bed at State Park Marina as the tide receded. Horn sharks aren’t known for their speed and graceful swimming. Rather, they move slowly and like to hide among crevices in rocks, in kelp, and in eelgrass beds like this one was doing.

December Field Updates, 2016

Karissa with fins

November Field Updates, 2016

Here, Shane places the quadrat at meter 75 of our 150-meter transect.

October Field Updates, 2016

September Field Updates

They got a calm, glassy morning for monitoring. 

August Field Updates

July Field Updates

A surfboard works as the perfect desk for a day of eelgrass monitoring

March Field Updates

Sea Otter Awareness Week 2015

Restoration Projects Manager, Jen Nix (on right) readies materials for our eelgrass seed dispersal project.

Understanding Eelgrass Decline and Evaluating Restoration Activities