Protecting and Restoring the Morro Bay Estuary.
Native Plants

San Luis Obispo County’s Stealth Trees—Our Native Conifers

Monterey Pine

Guest post by Chris Hamma, biography below. San Luis Obispo County’s Stealth Trees—Our Native Conifers Overview of the trees of San Luis Obispo County In many ways, San Luis Obispo County is a throwback to “Old California,” with its beautiful landscapes of oak woodlands, chaparral, and grassland. If asked to describe the county’s flora, many of us might not think to mention… conifer forests? Though our county’s coast ranges are home to a variety of native coniferous trees, for the most part, they’re overshadowed by our more prolific native species. Our iconic oaks—coast live oak, valley oak, blue oak—virtually define …

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Morro Bay Watershed Native Plant Series: Introduction

  Why do native plants thrive in the lands surrounding Morro Bay? The Morro Bay watershed is one of the most botanically diverse regions in California. This diversity can be traced back to the ice ages as California’s coastline receded and advanced over thousands of years, and the tectonic plates settled into their current position. Many communities and species of plants have evolved here as a result of such active geologic change. These plant communities have continued to exist and thrive because San Luis Obispo County still resembles its natural state, despite increasing human habitation and land use development. Because …

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Native Plant Series #6: Estuarine and Salt Marsh

    Our final post in this series will explore the estuarine and salt marsh plant communities that make up the unique estuarine environment of Morro Bay. Not sure what a plant community is? Take a look at our introductory post to the Morro Bay Native Plant Series, an exploration of our watershed’s diverse native flora! An estuary is a place where freshwater meets the sea. In Morro Bay, the freshwater creeks and streams from our watershed drain into and mix with the salty seawater of the bay. The mixing of freshwater and seawater creates a unique and productive environment …

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