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Installation of erosion control fabric to stabilize the left bank of a restoration project in the Santa Rosa Creek Watershed.

Meet the SLO Steelhead Initiative Watershed Stewards Program Corps Members

The best sea otter picture is one where the sea otters aren’t looking at the camera because they don’t even know you’re there. The photographer who captured this shot stayed quiet and kept far enough away from the otters so they could carry on resting, as they need to do to stay healthy.

How to Watch Sea Otters in Morro Bay (Without The Sea Otters Watching You!)

Bar cans crushed and shoved between rocks in the rip rap.

Cleaning Up Trash On Morro Bay’s Beaches: A Volunteer’s Story

Monterey Pine

San Luis Obispo County’s Stealth Trees—Our Native Conifers

Tarantula Math: Where folklore meets meteorology

You can make a difference by following ethical wildlife photography practices and scrutinizing wildlife photos carefully for signs of disturbance. Photo by Gena Bentall.

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Adult sea otter eats a purple urchin.

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