We commonly spot this nudibranch, Hermissenda crassicornis, in depressions along the mudflat.

Field Updates July 2018: Reports, Mollusks in Eelgrass, and Fish in the Creeks

Sea lions took to the new dock right away.

Morro Bay Wildlife Spotlight: California Sea Lions in the Estuary

Photograph Friday: Morro Bay Beneath the Surface

One new location is across from State Park Marina.

Field Update June 2018: Eelgrass

This group of smiling volunteers from Camp Rock participated in the Pick Up the Picnic Campaign last year, and made a big difference for Morro Bay. Thank you!

Independence Day and July 5th Cleanups in Morro Bay

Native Plant Series #4: Coast Live Oak Woodlands

Paula and Tom enter observations into iNaturalist during the Snapshot Cal Coast 2018 effort.

Help Put Morro Bay on the Bioblitz map: Snapshot Cal Coast 2018

Sea Star Wasting Disease Monitoring Update

A coyote stands, alert, in a field at El Chorro Regional Park.

Photograph Friday: Predators and Prey Around Morro Bay

Beach evening primrose

Morro Bay Estuary Poetry Contest Winners 2018 Announced