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Erin Aiello, guest author. Photograph courtesy of Kyle Nessen. Light and soil chemistry study

Factors That Affect Eelgrass Growth in Morro Bay #4: Sediment and Light Part 2

Preview Sea Level Rise with King Tides in Morro Bay

Photograph Friday: Elfin Forest

Sunsets over the bay can be bring both bright light and an abundance of long shadows.

Photograph Friday: Baycam Favorites from Summer and Fall 2018

Rain Comes to Morro Bay at the Start of a New Water Year

A fun family competition lead to this group of dedicated volunteers picking up 664 cigarette butts. Wow!

Coastal Cleanup Day Volunteers

We commonly spot this nudibranch, Hermissenda crassicornis, in depressions along the mudflat.

Field Updates July 2018: Reports, Mollusks in Eelgrass, and Fish in the Creeks

Here is a picture of the whole wonderful cleanup crew for 2017.

Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

Matt, our Field Technician, works to identify and count the stages of the flowering shoots in a one-meter by one-meter plot.

Field Updates August 2017: Eelgrass and Creeks

Swell shark closeup by Josh More, via Flickr.

Morro Bay Wildlife Spotlight: Swell Shark