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2018 Volunteers of the Year

Native Plant Series #5: Riparian

A view from the Elfin Forest during the summer.

Opt Outside this Fall with Hikes Around Morro Bay

No, that’s not a grass skirt. That is 25 eelgrass rhizomes tied onto rebar, ready to be planted.

Field Updates March 2018: Eelgrass Transplanting and Sediment Sampling

Photograph Friday: Spring Rain in Morro Bay

This image from 1999 shows a large flock of Black Brant overhead. Brant are no longer coming to Morro Bay in these numbers.

Morro Bay’s Black Brant: Monitoring the Status of a Bay Icon

Sweet Springs is a great spot for nature-lovers of all ages. Here, a child admires the view from the new bird blind in the East Sweet Springs expansion.

Explore Morro Bay on National Take a Hike Day

Mike Lindley, Monitoring Volunteer of the Year, doing one of the thin

2017 Estuary Program Volunteers of the Year

The back bay is totally inundated at this high king tide.

Celebrating the Complexity of the Morro Bay Estuary

This dragonfly landed on a tree leaf, allowing us to see its intricate wing detail up close.

Field Updates June 2017