morro bay national estuary program

This group of smiling volunteers from Camp Rock participated in the Pick Up the Picnic Campaign last year, and made a big difference for Morro Bay. Thank you!

Independence Day and July 5th Cleanups in Morro Bay

Native Plant Series #2: Southern Coastal Scrub

One of our longtime volunteers works on harvesting eelgrass blades near Target Rock. Thanks, Marc!

Field Updates February 2018: Eelgrass Transplant Videos

Pennington Creek waterfall closeup

2017 Accomplishments: Collaborating for a Healthy Pennington Creek

These are snail larvae in a sample taken from Morro Bay, illuminated in a microscope.

What are those snails in Morro Bay? Investigating the bubble snail boom

Though all these seeds came from the same eelgrass bed on North Sandspit, there was lots of variation in size and color. You can see the ribs in the goat in some of the seeds.

Field Updates October 2017: Eelgrass Seed Planting

In the photograph above, sediment erodes from a dirt road during a rainstorm. This sediment can enter streams and end up in the bay.

Join the Morro Bay Rain Gauge Network

Mike Lindley, Monitoring Volunteer of the Year, doing one of the thin

2017 Estuary Program Volunteers of the Year

Here is a picture of the whole wonderful cleanup crew for 2017.

Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

Poison Oak: Nature’s Immune Response