morro bay national estuary program

Restoration Projects Manager, Jen Nix (on right) readies materials for our eelgrass seed dispersal project.

Understanding Eelgrass Decline and Evaluating Restoration Activities

A small waterfall with healthy Poison Oak (Toxidendron rydbergii) pictured in the foreground, growing along Chorro Creek. Poison oak is a native plant that some consider beautiful.

Assessing the quality of aquatic habitats with CRAM

Even the docents get involved. Christine Lanier (left) and Cheryl Powers (right) look at flowers under a dissecting scope during the “Mayflowers” Saturday Scientists program, which is typically held near Mother’s Day each year. Photograph courtesy of the Morro Bay Natural History Museum.

Saturday Scientists at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History

Make a Day for the Bay Profile: Wendy Disch

City of Morro Bay Mayor, Jamie Irons (in blue shirt on left), poses with members of the Historical Society of Morro Bay and the Morro Bay 50th Celebration Committee at the time capsule site. A plaque commemorating the event will be installed on the large rock that sits over the capsule.

Preserving Today’s Morro Bay for the Future

Give a Day for the Bay

Keeping it Clean – Our New Video “Clean Water, Great Life”

Poetry Contest Winners Celebrate the Morro Bay Estuary

Opportunities at the Morro Bay National Estuary Program’s Nature Center

Gardening in a Morro Bay-Friendly Way