morro bay

A mother sea otter and her pup float on Morro Bay above a seagrass bed.

Morro Bay Sea Otter | Morro Bay National Estuary Program

Stormwater Runoff and Morro Bay

Estuary Program Monitoring staff got a good view of this bat ray while monitoring eelgrass beds.

Morro Bay Wildlife Spotlight: Bat Rays

Chorro Creek at Canet Road was at 6 feet on Thursday, January 19.

Photo Friday: Watching the Rain

This horn shark hid in the eelgrass bed at State Park Marina as the tide receded. Horn sharks aren’t known for their speed and graceful swimming. Rather, they move slowly and like to hide among crevices in rocks, in kelp, and in eelgrass beds like this one was doing.

December Field Updates, 2016

We sometimes see mother otters with pups on their chests floating by.

Director’s Letter: A Window on the Bay

Top Estuary Program Blog Posts of 2016

Marshland in Plaquemines Parish is disappearing quickly as waves and currents wash land away.

From Morro Bay to New Orleans, Estuary Programs Make a Difference

The boat ramp was also inundated by the high water.

Help Scientists See the Future in King Tides

Karissa with fins

November Field Updates, 2016