Aeolid Nudibranchs_copyright Siena McKim

New Undescribed Nudibranchs! Two New-to-Science Sea Slugs Recently Spotted on the California Coast.

A plastic sand toy left on rocks at the beach.

Community Scientists Make a Difference for Morro Bay

Triopha Maculata Sun Salutation, photographed in Santa Cruz, CA by Robin Agarwal

Sea Clowning Around: Triopha maculata and Triopha catalinae, by Robin Agarwal

Acanthodoris lutea nudibranch smells like citrus or cedar

A Sea Slug by Any Other Name, Guest Post by Robin Agarwal

Three Opalescent Nudibranchs (Hermissenda opalescens). Photograph courtesy of Robin Agarwal via Flickr Creative Commons License

Sea Slug of the Month – Morro Bay’s ‘Gateway Nudi:’ Opalescent Nudibranch, Guest Post by Robin Agarwal

Paula and Tom enter observations into iNaturalist during the Snapshot Cal Coast 2018 effort.

Help Put Morro Bay on the Bioblitz map: Snapshot Cal Coast 2018

We used the Trash Tracker for the first time at our inaugural Pickup and Paddle event in 2017. We're excited to continue using it this year!

Citizen Scientists Make a Difference for Morro Bay

Bioblitz and July 4th Cleanups in Morro Bay

iNaturalist: Bringing Technology and Nature Together in Morro Bay