estuary program

Heavy machinery for regrading.

Floodplain Restoration Project Sneak Peek in Photographs

The smoke plume grows as the Highway 41 fire spreads. Photograph by Ruth Ann Angus, August 1994.

Twenty-Five Years After the Highway 41 Fire of August 1994

The truth about sunscreen: its effects on us and the environment

Document Morro Bay’s Biodiversity During Snapshot Cal Coast

Mystery species number 1

Morro Bay Wildlife Spotlight: Mystery Species Revealed

Get Ready for Clean Boating on Morro Bay

We found this injured bird, which we later discovered was a red-throated loon, lying injured on the wet sand of Morro Strand Beach.

The Red-Throated Loon and Pacific Wildlife Care

Sacramento pikeminnow are a non-native voracious predator found in Chorro Creek. This pikeminnow is an adult that is about 20 inches long.

Chorro Creek: home to steelhead and voracious non-native pikeminnow

Field Updates October 2018: bioassessment scouting, Pismo Preserve, sharing data, and getting ready for rain

2018 Volunteers of the Year