The boardwalk path through the elfin forest winds through eight different habitat types, and offers beautiful views of the estuary.

Great Family-Friendly Hikes Around the Estuary

Volunteers monitor DO levels in the early morning hours because that is typically when we find the lowest levels of the day.

Clean Water, Great Life – Bay Water Quality Update Part II

Clean Water, Great Life – Bay Water Quality Update Part I

What we’re thankful for

Clean Water, Great Life: Creek Water Quality Update

Have a Happy, Bay-Friendly Halloween!

We picked up 18 pounds of trash from the sandspit, which is essential habitat for many birds, including the snowy plover.

Give a Day for the Bay Success by the Numbers

Microbeads and other microplastics show up on beaches worldwide.

Microbeads and Ocean Pollution

Thomas, a long-term volunteer with Morro Bay in Bloom, surveys the succulent bed at the top of Centennial Parkway’s staircase.

Give a Day for the Bay with Morro Bay in Bloom

A small waterfall with healthy Poison Oak (Toxidendron rydbergii) pictured in the foreground, growing along Chorro Creek. Poison oak is a native plant that some consider beautiful.

Assessing the quality of aquatic habitats with CRAM