A surfboard works as the perfect desk for a day of eelgrass monitoring

March Field Updates

How could climate change affect Morro Bay?

The steelhead trout eggs were transported to us in protective netting.

Look Who’s Swimming in the Estuary Program Nature Center…Trout!

While monitoring eelgrass, our staff spotted this California sea hare under the water at Coleman beach.

The Morro Bay Estuary Poetry Contest Goes Wild

Symbolic Fencing Helps Morro Bay’s Snowy Plovers

Be a Citizen Scientist

Appreciating Wetlands Worldwide and at Home

An increase in water flowing through local creeks helps fish and other aquatic species. This picture was taken at Pennington Creek in 2011.

El Niño, Rain, and the Estuary

Looking Back Over 2015

The boardwalk path through the elfin forest winds through eight different habitat types, and offers beautiful views of the estuary.

Great Family-Friendly Hikes Around the Estuary