morro bay national estuary program

Salt marsh channels

Field Updates July 2021: Invasive Sea Lavender Monitoring in the Salt Marsh

Strawberry anemone, Ken-ichi U. Flickr

Photograph Friday: Wild Names for Wildlife in Morro Bay

Morro Bay Estuary Poetry Contest 2021: Winning Poems

This student measures for pH

Day in the Life of a Marine Chemistry Research Student: Testing Ocean Chemistry in Morro Bay

Makenzie, our Monitoring Projects Coordinator, at our site located on the Sandspit. Staff access the site via stand up paddle boards

Field Updates May 2021: Spring Eelgrass Monitoring

Staff member holds a rock during bioassessment

Field Updates April 2021: Bioassessment Highlights and Volunteer Support

Monitoring staff conducts bioassessment site scouting in the Morro Bay watershed

Field Updates March 2021: Volunteer Monitoring Program Updates and Bioassessment Site Scouting

Bioassessment Survey Results 2020: Tracking the Health of Local Creeks

Morro Bay Watershed Native Plant Series: Maritime and Mixed Chaparral

Morro Bay Watershed Native Plant Series: Southern Coastal Scrub